We are intrigued for partnership with other Veterans Advocates, and Universities to increase the PTS Suicide Awareness, but not less to align and engage our organization and collaborate for the best strategy and approach in Research, Optimization, Awareness, and Recovery. We are welcoming vendors and partners who share our vision and would like to make a difference and be a part of the success of this project.



P4OH is a 100% Volunteer based organization. Without our volunteers, we would not be able to meet our mission objectives. Currently, we are seeking volunteers to participate in different phases of the project and to assist with a variety of project tasks. Please refer to the list of volunteers for to becoming a volunteer and making a difference in Military Veterans community.



Our Corporate leadership partners are dedicated to improving the lives of our Heroes and their families, by providing the financial contribution in support of P4OH suicide prevention research and awareness. Your support is greatly appreciated and significantly impacts the lives of Veterans and their loved ones. See the list of companies have proven their commitment by taking a leadership role and making annual contributions. Thank for being a Patriot 4 Our Heroes.


P4OH will be attending a variety of unique and exciting Department of Defense events, research and educational seminars in order to engage the Active members of military and Veterans in PTS Suicide Awareness and Stress and Anxiety Assessments. We need your help for P4OH be an exhibitor to the upcoming event.



Your generous, tax deductible donation to Patriots 4 Our Heroes® (P4OH) enables us to provide guidance and solutions to our fellow veterans dealing with PTS/TBI and to provide assistance to their families.