Our approach, to align Cross Functional Teams with well defined and focused charters is designed to effectively engage many diverse institutions across the public and private sectors. Policy and ethics alignment with the engaged organization will be achieved through inclusion of key stakeholders. Applying victim centric solutions by significant attention to the Voice of the Veteran (VoV) is core to this project charter. In fact, VoV serves as the start and ending point of solution development and implementation.


We are using a hybrid of Continuous Process/Performance Improvement (CPI) philosophies to drive a science based delivery of system improvement while leveraging Best Practices and Lesson’s Learned.


Our critical path is informed by recognition of PTS/TBI survivors, as well as their families, being the true subject matter experts; therefore the VoV serves center focus for improvement across the collective support systems. Our approach will exploit and maximize the valuable resources that have

already been extended toward this need; yet, in the collective, have fallen short of the objectives due to redundancies, overlap, and stove pipe deployments, as well as a lack of transparency and collaboration.


There are Six phases to this approach:


Selection Phase


Defining + Gaining Insight


Measurement, Stress + Anxiety Assessment


Root Cause Analysis


Hypothesis + Potential Solutions


PTS Recovery + Education

It should be noted this project is not chartered to compete with other projects and initiatives. In fact, the objective is to elevate the performance and scalability of related projects. We value the great work of many organizations and individuals to date and will strive to ensure their potential for impact is multiplied. New resources will be drawn to the cause by demonstration of significant Return on Investment (ROI).